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When any part of the neck or spine is misaligned, the patient is diagnosed with a condition called “subluxation”. The subluxation can be caused by trauma (often associated with automobile accident-related sudden impact), over-exertion (often associated with lifting accidents), or systemic issues associated with heredity. When your neck or spine is subluxated, nerves that normally are protected within the neck or spinal structure are exposed to unnatural pressures. This unnatural pressure on nerves causes various types and intensities of pain. Subluxation does more than subject nerves to unnatural pressure. The discs of the neck and spine suffer abnormal wear or “degeneration”.


The negative effects of spinal degeneration intensify the longer the condition remains untreated. Spinal degeneration can be treated but as you might expect, the more extensive the state of degeneration directly affects the length and type of treatment that you must undertake.

The pain associated with even the most severe cases of subluxation can be significantly mitigated and often eliminated with chiropractic techniques, including manual adjustments, also known as spinal manipulation. The adjustment is designed to re-align the vertebrae and restore normal movement and function to the spine. Other techniques that may be used to treat subluxations include:

  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Stretching exercises
  • Physical and rehabilitation techniques

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