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Relaxation Reflexology

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What is Relaxation Reflexology?

Relaxation Reflexology. One of the most popular massage modalities for relaxing is Reflexology. This technique focuses on specific reflexology points in your feet and hands to help release tension in these parts while also restoring natural energy levels!

This massage is performed solely on the feet, hands, and a little on the neck and shoulders. If you aren’t comfortable with a whole-body massage, this is a great option. You can wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows access to your lower legs, your neck, and upper back/shoulder blades. It is available as a 60-minute session only.

Relaxation Reflexology

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Meet our Therapist

Kevin Smith, LMT, MMP

Kevin Smith, LMT, MMP is a certified orthopedic massage therapist who has over 8,000 hours of professional massage experience.

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