The cold & flu season is in full effect! - Strengthen your immunity with IV Vitamin Therapy now!
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IV Vitamin Therapy & Booster Shots

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To see if one of these therapies would benefit you, please see one of our medical providers.

IV Drips

Super Human Myers’ Cocktail

Strengthens your immunity to combat illness & support whole-body wellness. *includes glutathione booster

Myers’ Cocktail

Restore balance, alleviate chronic illness symptoms & more

Dehydration Drip

Rehydrate and replenish your body with IV fluids (no vitamins). 500 mL or. 1,000 mL

High Dose 25g Vitamin C

An intravenous vitamin infusion which enhances energy levels, collagen production, immune system and helps to reduce swelling.


Long night? Resolve nausea headaches and fight fatigue

Beauty Drip

Fortify hair, skin & nails, support collagen & quench tired skin


NAD+ treatment & special vitamin blend to support brain health & reverse aging. Available in 250mg (2hr) and 500 mg (4hr)

Performance & Recovery

Improve endurance, shorten muscle recovery & refuel the body

Shots & Boosters

Vitamin B12

Boosts energy levels, reduces fatigue and improves brain function

Vitamin C

Boosts immune system which helps protect from the threat of cold, flu and other viruses


Improves hair, skin & nails, supports thyroid and adrenal function, aides in building muscles and tissues, improves blood glucose

Skinny Shot

Fat burner, boosts metabolism, detoxifier, improves brain function & mood.


An intravenous vitamin push which increases energy, detoxifies liver cells, improves skin, focus and clarity


Enhances growth and cell repair, combats acne, anti-inflammatory, boosts immune system and helps with digestion.


NAD+ treatment & special vitamin blend to support brain health & reverse aging. Available in 250mg (2hr) and 500 mg (4hr)

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